The following are minutes from our October 12, 2010 meeting.
Pledge: Bill Bassett
Invocation: Jim Lawler

Dick Ploth, Ossining club; Lynka Jones, prospective member

10/5- Walter Tonyes' birthday
10/9- Amy Minutolo's anniversary
Last week- Dick Ploth's birthday

Upcoming Dates:
October 16th -- District Foundation Meeting
October 21st -- Region 5 Meeting, 5:30pm at Southwinds
October 31st -- Foundation Gala, West Point
November 2nd -- Family Night, 6pm at Wallkill Living Center
November 12th -- Sports Memorabilia Auction, 7pm at Wallkill Community Center. Tickets are $5. Each club member was given 20 tickets to sell. The more people that come in the door, the more money we can potentially make!

Welcome back Laurette!!

The Dictionary Project was a huge success. 500 dictionaries were distributed!

In lieu of a speaker we had Carl's Rotary Hot Seat with P-E Lauren Rowley.

50/50: Laurette DiMontova
4-Way Test: Laurette DiMontova

Have a great week!