Submitted By:  Nick Constantino


PLEDGE:  Bill Bassett  (Welcome back!)
ATTENDANCE:  21 of 34

Chris Martinez, Dewitt Funeral Home (Prospective member);  Suzanne Forni, visiting Rotarian;  and Laurie Mulvaney, SAFE Homes (Speaker)

Tomas Kubinek:  Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible @ 3pm, Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center.  (Fellowship event.)

Looking ahead...
April 5:  Boys & Girls Club's Celebrity Dinner @ Kuhl's Highland House.  Come out and see ABBA!!
April 6:  Selling Tax Relief Raffle tickets at ShopRite (Route 211, Middletown), 10am-4pm.  Please let Nick know if you can help!
May 19:  Taste of Goshen, contact Patti for more info and tickets!
June 4:  SAVE THE DATE!  Installation Dinner @ John's Harvest Inn, Middletown, NY

Please let Kim know ASAP if you can attend the Installation Dinner.  There may be some space restrictions at John's Harvest Inn.

Kim spoke about our upcoming Rose Sale.  We are back to Alder's this year.  Please let Kim know if there are any other groups that may want to participate in the sale.  We will still sell roses for $17/dozen.  Kim will be sending the order form and flyer out shortly.

Please let Carl know if you are able to attend our club's fellowship event on March 23rd at Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center.  The club will pay for you and one guest.

Nick distributed tickets for our TAX RELIEF RAFFLE.  Please sell, sell, sell!  We will be selling tickets at ShopRite (Route 211, Middletown) on April 6th from 10am-4pm.  Please let Nick know if you can help out.

Laurie Mulvaney shared that Safe Homes is now 27 years old.  It started as an "unorganized" movement then four women got together and created the agency.  The shelter holds up to 17 people, with communal living space, and there is a 90-day maximum stay.  This may increase to 180-days if funding becomes available.  There is 24-hour staff.  In addition to the shelter, Safe Homes provides court advocacy, outreach counseling, assist at Child Protective Services, and community education.

Safe Homes Brochure

50/50:  Fred Noll who donated the money to Safe Homes
4-Way Test:  Kim Imholz

See you next week!