Dear Rotarians:

March is Literacy month, which reminds me of my childhood years in India where we had so many people, young and old who did not know how to read or write.   We did not have adequate schools and many parents did not emphasize the value of education to their children.
After more than half a century, the situation in India has improved.  But there are many poor countries where literacy rates are still low.  Worldwide, 75 million children do not have access to basic education.  Many clubs in our Rotary District support local literacy programs by supplying dictionaries to third-grade students, helping with reading programs at local schools and libraries and providing much needed school supplies.  Many clubs also award scholarships to school children as a way of financial help and as encouragement to learn more and excel in academic studies.  This year, I have asked Regional Assistant Governors to collect information on the level of scholarship support our clubs provide to students in their communities.  We plan to publish this information as recognition and to encourage clubs to do better to meet this vital need.  Ability to learn is probably the most unique domain of human beings.  Our Foundation's Future Vision program lists Basic Education and Literacy as one of six focus areas.  Our contributions to Rotary Foundation's Annual Program Fund, APF, supports international humanitarian projects through Global and District Grants in these six focus areas.  It is imperative that we continue to support these efforts to help our brothers and sisters around the world who are not as fortunate.  Each one of us is expected to contribute $100 per year to APF as part of Every Rotarian Every Year or EREY program.  I urge every one of you to reach within to support our Foundation. You will be glad you did. Thank you for all you are doing

Yours in service, Namaskar.  Tansukh Dorawala